"Mama Bear" Tattoo on 3D printed cover pro prosthesis

Transtibial 3D printed cover with "Mama bear" tattoo for Eva.

Kathy Poppe Back in the Saddle

Kathy Poppe bilateral transfemoral and transtibial amputee who is a riding instructor and equestrian judge who has never slowed down.

Power Lifting With a Prosthesis

One of our patients, Peter, wanted us to share this video to show that you shouldn't let anything stop you from doing the things you enjoy!

Kathy Poppe Rides On!

Kathy Poppe was amputated above her knee on one side and below the knee of the other side. She wears bilateral prostheses that allow her to continue riding and judging in equestrian competitions.

Knee Orthosis Casting for Bella the dog

Bella and her best friend Eugene, watch Bob Manfredi, CPO from Manfredi O & P Affiliates in Eatontown, NJ, take cast of Bella's leg.

Bella Climbs the Stairs

Bella an 11 year old Pit Bull Terrier, tries out her new Knee Orthosis on the stairs, not bad for her first try!

Hydrostatic Casting Technique

Pete volunteers to be our first model using our new Symphonie Aqua System. An impression is taken in full weight bearing using Hydrostatic technology!

3D Printer creates Prosthetic socket

3D Printer, creating a Transtibial socket

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